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Buckner Founders, High-Temperature Grease in Marshall, NC
First GMC Truck, High-Temperature Grease in Marshall, NC

Our Founding

Buckner Oil Co. Inc. was established by W.B. Buckner (Bruce) and his wife Darlene in 1988. At that time, Bruce worked as a railroad engineer for Norfolk Southern out of Asheville, while Darlene was a full-time mother for their two boys—Tyler, 14, and Blake, 12.

Original Office Space

Our first office was in Bruce and Darlene's home on Bull Creek Road in Marshall, where calls were taken in the kitchen and Bruce handled all deliveries. Our bulk plant consisted of a #2 fuel tank and K-1 Kerosene tank on Highway 213, a half mile from their home. One truck was used for home deliveries during Bruce's off hours from the railroad.

Quick Growth

In the following years, a part-time driver was hired to work evenings and weekends to handle our continuing growth. Within five years, the first full-time driver was hired and our customer base and fleet began to expand rapidly. A secretary was hired, and a full-size shop was built behind Bruce and Darlene's home. The shop accommodated up to four delivery trucks and stored fuel tanks and accessories for resale.

Your Loyal Support

Thanks to our wonderful customers for all of your business over the years. We look forward to serving your fuel oil needs in the future, and we know we would not be where we are today without your continued loyalty.

A Family Affair

Bruce and Darlene's youngest son, Blake, began working full-time upon his graduation from Appalachian State University in 1997. Buckner Oil Co. Inc. has always been, and will always be, a family-operated business. We take pride in offering the finest quality oil to all of our customers, and our reputation for fast, friendly service precedes us.


The original shop stayed in it's location for 20 years, and moved to the current location on Highway 213 in 2007. On-site fuel pumps were added and some lubricants were offered. In the winter of 2011/12, Buckner Oil Co. Inc. had seven part- and full-time employees to efficiently handle business operations.
Buckner Family, High-Temperature Grease in Marshall, NC
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