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Hydraulic Oils & High-Temperature Grease in Marshall, North Carolina

Lubricants, High-Temperature Grease in Marshall, NC
A wide range of lubricants, including hydraulic oils and high-temperature grease, are provided by Buckner Oil Co. Inc. in Marshall, North Carolina. We hope our selection will meet your every need. We also offer Diesel Exhaust Fluid, sold in the gallon containers, used by later model diesel trucks.

Hydraulic Oil Lubricants

Hydraulic oils are available for purchase in 5-gallon containers from our oil company. We offer many different grades of hydraulic oil for you to choose from. A 32W grade (thin weight), 46W (mid-grade), 68W (thickest), and Tractor Hydraulic & Transmission grade hydraulic oil used in most machinery. Our hydraulic oils are perfect for farm and other heavy-duty equipment applications.


We offer one style of red lithium high-temperature grease, which provides excellent extreme pressure protection and guards against rust & corrosion. Our grease is sold in tubes, either individually or by the case.
Contact us in Marshall, North Carolina, to request an estimate for hydraulic oils or high-temperature grease.