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Fuel Oils & Tanks in Marshall, North Carolina

Turn to Buckner Oil Co. Inc. for premium heating fuels and tanks for residential and commercial applications. Free delivery service of all fuels is provided with a minimum order of 100 gallons. If less than 100 gallons is delivered, delivery charges will apply. Call for pricing.

Fuel Oils

At our oil company we offer #2 fuel oil, K-1 Kerosene, and highway diesel fuel, all in stock. #2 fuel oil is your basic furnance fuel while K-1 Kerosene is a more refined fuel used in certain heating systems. Our highway diesel is certified premium, sold at our office or delivered.


All of our fuels are certified premium fuels, and we offer personal delivery and pickup services for your convenience. You enjoy a discounted price on fuel oil when you choose the pickup service to fill your tanks at our location.

Fuel Tanks

Fuel tanks and hardware are available for purchase, including the 275-gallon size. Parts and miscellaneous hardware we carry include filters, tubing, farm filters, and everything else you need to get your fuel tank set up.
 Fuel Truck, Fuel Tanks in Marshall, NC
Fuel Tanks, Fuel Tanks in Marshall, NC
Buckner Trucks, Fuel Tanks in Marshall, NC
Contact us today in Marshall, North Carolina, to request an estimate for fuel oil or tank services.